2 Ways To Stay Positive Without Fashion or Sports

I’m sure everyone knows by now the danger of the virus and I hope everyone is taking the per-cautions to stay safe during this epidemic these are truly some dark times. Now with that being said this is day 14 under quarantine and day 21 without sports and trust me I know there are more important things in the world other than sports of course, and one of those things being the sanctity and protection of human life, the sports world has been sent to the bench or home in some cases in an effort to slow and stop the spread of the potentially lethal corona virus.

Something I learned throughout this whole virus business is, we need sports. Its essential to who we are as humans if you go back in history to the Roman Empire days they had forms of sports and it was a staple of who they were. people need entertainment something to look ford or people will find something to do take their mind of being bored and having nothing to do. This virus has single handily took away the essential things to us and has caused so much madness worldwide

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I’m sure after being stuck in your home almost half a month, in home life has become almost unbearable and I’m sure you’ve probably have tried many things to keep you busy through this quarantine period. Here a few Things that you can do to help your time inside a little more excited.

Puzzles and Board games with your family

have a family game night at least twice a week around 7:30, because it builds connections and what better thing is there to do then bonding with your family. If you can’t think of any games to play with the family I suggest board game, puzzles, card games.


Take advantage of all this time while you are at home and learn some new cooking recipes. Create a meal your family can enjoy and be proud of.


How to Rock Athletic Fashion

Sports and Fashion is combination most don’t see but athletes know what they like and they know how to pull it off some how. I would say the person that does the best job of blending her athletic fashion is Serena Williams he does a great job of mixing and turning her competition clothes into eye catching outfits. Today ill be giving you 3 easy ways to rock athletic clothes and still look good.


pre-Game Fashion the Athletes are revolutionizing

The Image of sports is so uniformed and ancient that we forget how outdated the look of sports is. And we rarely see the personality of our favorite athletes because they are sometimes limited by the rules of either the league of organization their associated with. And just like a young animal not saying that athletes are animals, But I simple mean they will begin to branch out and try new things. And we have seen a taste of that with the outspoken attire worn by not only NBA players but other athletes around the world.

I love to see athletes being more then what they are in the eyes of the world and showing their true selves. Athletes are not only making statements with these crazy outfits but, there also showing how great and marketable they are to fashion companies thus creating a bigger connection between fashion and sports.

The future is very bright and the topic is hot. Locally there are some things going on as well that have been impacted by this change in the culture of these athletes. Last week I went to my younger cousin basketball game and all of the players where bragging about their shoes seeing who had the best and most expensive shoes.

This is a small change and taste of what athletes have been able to influencers on a smaller scale of course .This attitude players as legitimate fashion influences has infiltrated the sports world  at large, especially in particularly marketable moments, like when the athletes are walking off a plane or through an arena’s tunnel and that’s what we call Pre-Game Fashion

This is a picture of Dwyane wade rocking off the court swag

There are athletes really deep into fashion so deep that some athletes attend certain fashion events like During the Mercedes-Benz Showroom on September 12th, this star-studded New York Fashion Week event featured some of the nation’s top athletes walking the runway, such as  Trail Blazers small forward Carmelo Anthony,  New York Knicks forward Lance Thomas.

How would you use fashion if people thought you were a fashion Genius?



The innovation of the NBA over the over the past couple decades has be remarkable and I will say the changes that have been made off the court have had the same impact as the ones made one the court. we saw the first change in fashion about 31 years ago when the NBA banned Michael Jordan’s “Jordan Retro 1’s” in 1984 when he debuted his new Nike’s, and was fined 5,000 dollars, because the league had a set code of conduct and the shoes didn’t go with the image of the league. For those who want see and Read more about it here is a link.

Soon to be Hall of Famer Dwyane Wade a former Miami heat player Helped the evolution of fashion in the NBA he single handedly brought Stance to the NBA. On April 27, 2015 The NBA and Stance socks company agreed to a licensing deal that would make Stance the official sock maker of the league and require players to wear only Stance stocks. This deal was a large step in the right direction, as this was a great move for marketing and the overall look of the players on the court. This was a huge step for the NBA as just 10 years ago the players weren’t aloud to have logos or colors on there socks besides the NBA sign.

This picture of Dwyane Wade is from

In my conclusion I think Athletes are amongst the most influential people on earth and I believe that they set trends the rest of the world will follow. with that being said with the platform they have they also have the ability to make changes in their in the culture of their own sports, I think this is only the tip of the spear when it comes to athletics and fashion.


Sports Fashion

As the revolution of sports is changing so if what they wear. Recently there has been a shift in the culture of what athletes wear to there game and events. Recently I did some research and found on a recent sports Illustrated “Dwyane Wade recognized the rituals of a fashion revolution as his teammates prepared to get off the bus before every Heat road game. The pat down of the skinny jeans. The smoothing of the blazer sleeves”. Notable Athletes such ass Lebron jame, Russell Westbrook, James harden, Serena Williams, Lindsey Vonn and many more. Are setting a very good image for younger athletes and have started rise of fashion and sports.